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s against tender, inflamed gums, sensitivity and weak enamel. conditions people over 50 experience. crest pro-health for life. so jill can keep living the good life. crest. life opens up when you do. >> 10, 9, 8, 7 -- >> this is the end of the cycle. >> term neighborings of fox news. >> magnetic polls were reversed. >> quatro. >> 3. >> we are in for big blow. >> 1. >> you just saw our own count down we caught the summer solstice on june 21st.
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some say the myian calendar marks as doomsday. hello yueveryone i am bill hemm. it is a fact the myian calendar will end december 21st, 2012. don't believe the hype. we are certain the world is not going to end that day. doomsday has been predicted by religions and cultures countless times. when natural disasters strike many feel it's a sign the end must be close. on this program we investigate our fascination with doomsday. why today has been pinned on the maya. that's a mystery adam housley reports. lauren green investigates the book of revelation the battle between good and evil and the belief that the second coming of christ is eminent. amy kellogg discovers what the maya share with the village of stonehedge. first the mysterious maya. we travel to the rain forest of southern mexico and the jewel of the maya classic period.
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>> most of the myians there were thousands of them as they contact between the spanish and the myian were burned by spanish fires mostly because they are sack religious. >> there are four really five that i know of that exist still to this day. they cover subjects like medicine, history, genealogy, astronomy, mathematics. >> for the last several decades the focus has been put on the mysterious myian culture that flourished between the second through ninth century. some say they were actually prophets of doom. >> archaeologist christopher powell explains the importance
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of this broken tablet strictly known as monument 6. >> this is one of the few things that were salvaged. >> there was some work by the mexican government done there by archeologists and when they left some of the local started digging around as well and found this monument. >> came from a small site. >> a very small site that is mostly destroyed really by a cement factory. almost all of the architecture has been ground up into gravel or cement. the main body broke off. >> only recently has been able to be deciphered. >> in the last decade or so. >> only the last few years we understand what it says. >> this is what all of the controversy is about. as you can see it is heavily damaged at the very end. the end phrase that mentions the end of the 13 that will terminate 2es 31st, 2012. >> according to the remaining
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piece of the tablet something significant is going to happen. >> this is signifying the change over. >> the flavor is what it missing in this text. >> this missing fragment that led to over 3,000 books that many claim to explain the true apocalyptic ending of the myian calendar. >> over 200 million hits on google. when i started this i got 10, 12,000 which is a lot for that day. >> a professor of astronomy and anthropology at colgate university and author of the book, the end of time. >> in the 1920s it was the egyptians very well timed because it was the excavation time of king tut's tomb. the maya today are center stage and we are advancing them. >> they were filled with legend and some complete hoaxes like hails of powerful crystal skulls. >> they believed they lived in
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an animated universe, animated consisting of people and plants and rocks and stars with whom they engaged in dialogue. >> they practiced blood letting sacrifices to thank their god. >> they would pierce themselves. the kings through the fore skins of their penises the queens right through their tongue. they would run paper across collecting the blood then they would collect those bloody pieces of paper an place them in a ceramic dish and burn them. >> the myiayians were expert mathematicians and astronomers. at the ruins there would have been all sorts of rituals even human sacrifices. >> odd rituals, buried complex calendars, strange high glif hi row glific symbols. >> speaking of that mystery,
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obviously you -- when you have any kind of mystery, any kind of uncertainty it can bring people out of the woodwork so to speak. we have seen that with the ma y mayans, right? >> a lot of people thought it was the end. >> end of the world predictions in 2012 include a collision with planet x or the earth passing through the milky way galaxy, the eruption of destructive solar flares. tsunamis, asteroids, even reversal of the north and south polement all of them could have a devastating impact on our planet. >> if we could see the sun interesting effects one of the kings present there had in a ray of light that came through a small window right at the setting of the sun of the
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solstice. naked eye astronomy. it's with forks, sticks and strings you can do an amazing amount of astronomy. you need a nice flat surface that has a good view of the east and the west. when the sunrises right here it will be right there again. >> pretty impressive for people who didn't have any instruments. >> the maya didn't use any tools to record the stars. it was the direct observation of the moving of the stars. >> mexican archeologists has worked on many sites of the mayan ruins. >> only people related to the power where the people who kept the record of these important dates. >> they were able to visit past and future skies. they were able to look ahead and what they looked ahead to and found it was significant in what we call the 21st of december 2012. >> graham hancock is author of
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the book fingerprints of the gods. >> with the mayan calendar it is possible to tell exactly what the phase of a moon will be on a particular day 2,000 years from now or 2,000 years before now. >> the ancient maya had calendars that read on the cycle of the sun, the moon and the visible planet. >> why was the solstice important to maya? >> the solstice is very important because they kept the records of the change of the seasons. they can now know that the rainy season is going to begin and for the construction of the building they only use the great amount of labor of slave they don't have any tools just the hammer and chisel. >> flush toilets and soak baths there. there is an observe tory. it's a private space.
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all indication this was a living place for the king. the temple of inskrupgss where this king ruled for 69 years is buried deep beneath it in an elaborate tomb. >> this is the resting place of the beloved myiayan king who reigned here over 100 years. art, architecture and astronomy flourish. >> the way they go from the solstice it is turning out to be a rich field of study right now. >> seems to be an ancient idea as below to bring down the perfection of the heavens to earth and in some way to unite heaven and earth. >> around the world there are other monuments aligned to the sun besides the ones here including stonehedge in england. the great pyramids in egypt and the temple that anchor watt in cambodia. >> what you find in all of these sites is an endeavor to align
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structures to the rising of the sun at one or another or several of those moments. story telling in ancient times often involve reference to the heavens and to celestial bodies. that's what the myian weichiga mayan were doing. >> there are other hidden treasures in tem fells vewe haven't seen. adam housley uncovers mysteries of the maya and why the exception with december 21st. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants
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>> all of this beautiful architecture you are seeing 70 percent of what's out there. if the trees weren't there you would see 1,000 structures over a mile out there completely buried in the jungle. >> are there more histories of the mayan waiting to be discovered out there in the jungle? >> we have architectural excellence and high glif fics in here. they like to go back into the past and talk about the actions of the gods. >> we are looking at a different
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culture than ours doing things a different way. amongst the prime objective a connection between earth and heaven which is done through the medium of architecture and very precise astronomical observation. >> the mayan calendar is itself a stunning technological device. it actually has a more accurate estimate of the length of the solar year than we use today in modern western civilization. >> really amazing when you think about it. you have got light, just magicians with the seasons, with astronomy, with geometry. >> very sophisticated civilization. >> and mysterious. >> mysterious was unlike a lot of the cultures in middle east and asia and europe we had less time to study the maya. discovered later we only recently relatively since the mid 70s or so began starting to
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read their high row glific language. >> the great maya astronomers to end on the summer solstice in 2012. >> there are a number of reasons why the maya have come to center stage the grand daddy of all mayan cycles the 5,125 year cycle will over turn. >> the last krcreation cycle ben on 2114 bc will come to an end of 1-21-12. the maya calendar is often linked to the odometer of the car clicking off one day at a time in the cyclical success. >> there's a difference between euro dom ster and the maya odom ster. when the automobile odometer comes over your car is one step
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close tore the junkyard. >> i think it is interesting if you look at a wide sampling of these messages on the internet you will find that we are either in september the -- december the 21st, 2012 we are in for a big blow up or a big bliss out. the blow up is the end of the world. as far as the bliss out is concerned and i think these theories are weirder they are really based on the second coming of christ. so i think that american religion plays a prominent role in this anticipation of the apocalypse. >> even the famous explorer christopher columbus believed his discover reof the new world was necessary in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy. >> when columbus came to the new world he tells us in his diary one of his major purposes was to make this place ready for the coming of the city of zion. that is the second coming of jesus. >> people are by nature psychologically story tellers.
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we all understand what it is to have a beginning and a middle an an end to a story. >> dr. keith ablow is a psychiatrist and fox news contributor. >> the doomsday scenario is at odds to my mind with religion. in fact it is an anesthetic that relieves people of needing to take the journey toward self. >> the 2012 doomsday embraces a range of end of time beliefs clearly suggesting a cataclysmic or transform tive event will occur on december 21st, 2012. how did this phenomenon get started? >> the idea of a maya doomsday has been around for at least 25, 30, 40 years. now it builds to a krau shen doe. blame it on the internet. the internet is the analogue tent meetings that used to be held gathered under a big tent where some preacher would tell them about jesus coming to earth. >> the end atraks our attention
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we want to try to forecast what is going to happen. forecasting is a big part of the human condition. >> the maya were a thoughtful civilization that flourished during europe's dark ages. why did they abandon their great city and appear to vanish from the face of the earth. >> for some mysterious reason possibly connected with something as simple as a 100 year drought. maya civilization collapsed more than a,000 years ago. >> cannot give the items the people need to live so the people they go to the country side. >> one of the reasons the sites were abandoned so easily was become unwielding once it became too much work to get the cities going. once they got too big or they had too much of a force to maintain them it was easy to pack up and leave.
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we were self sufficient anyways. >> maybe the ancient maya have words that can help us. >> here deep within the hot and steamy mexican jungle we find the mysteries of the maya. we go from my colleague lauren green in israel. >> both of the celebrations were few and far between. this is the site of armageddon the end of times battle between good and evil. that story coming up next.
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>>. >> reporter: from the ruins of >> from the ruins of the myian cu maya culture time is universal to matter where you are.
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an 83 foot sun dial sits outside of the basilica brought over from egypt in the year 20in ad. nearly every religion judaism, islam, hinduism, they all have a fascination with the epoapocaly. >> christians prophesy about the end of time in the scripture. >> christians mark the end of time in the final chapter of the bible's new testament the book of revelations. chapter 11 verse 18 reads, now is the time to destroy those who destroy the earth. >> a book is not about destruction it's not about the wrath of god it is about consequences. >> greek orthodox priest translated the book from the original greek text. he collaborated with a hollywood writer and christian el straight tore to publish a graphic novel
7:24 pm
that helps people visualize the final chapter. >> we are trying to get people to see the book of revelation in a new way not just read it but see it. all we are trying to do is present it to it's full message of hope in god and hope for the future. >> how likely is it that john would have been concerned about the end times? >> the apostle john was the last of the 12 disciples of jesus alive when he wrote it. here is a church which is expecting its lord to come back, but he hasn't come back yet. there is this yearning in the community and it's suffering. the apostle john received a revelation from god that he wrote down and that revel lauat was disseminated. >> it was received an angel in a dramatic vision while he was held captive by the romans for preaching the gospel. jews were at odds with the pagan
7:25 pm
rulers who tried to destroy them during the first century. >> the majority of believers think it was so unlivable on this earth with conquerors. everything was going wrong. >> a biblical scholar studies ancient apocalyptic writings? >> they can't find mining here so they turn to apocalyptic thought. the human cannot exist without some kind of hope so the meaning has to be somewhere. >> the dead sea scrolls were kiss cov discovered. it was found from a stack of jews who copied the ancient manuscript in the first century. >> they were copied here. >> the people living here believe they were liing in the end tim-- living in the end tim. >> a dead sea scroll scholar showed us where they wrote their predictions. >> the world here in coupme ron
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ended in june of 1868 because you had an invincible army, roman army. >> the romans destroyed the temple. more than a million jews were killed. >> john is trying to reveal, give meaning to their suffering and to their difficulties. i think the book of revelation can do that in every generation. >> we visited the sites of armageddon where they set the stage for end times. >> most people don't realize it is a real place. >> eric klein has been looking at lageto. >> i think it is the most blood soaked area on the earth. >> why would john the author of revelation replace the doomsday fabbing cull here at armageddon? >> by the time he began there were 12 or 13 battles fought here. he would have known about that
7:27 pm
especially the guilty ones. >> after 8 strikes here. >> many have taken the thing that armageddon was a result of the final battle. >> it is not the final battle. the final battle was supposed to be in jerusalem a thousand years later. there are some people who say armageddon, we are in that period between armageddon and the final battle. we are getting all kinds of religious disputes. i believe he gave us a book of revelations as a warning. >> based on network here are signs jesus predicted in matthew that aren't precedented today. the amount of damage and poverty and rivers of wars that they had collected. fer living in the end times revelation 20 about the battle of dog and magog. he is referring to russia that
7:28 pm
the great baear will attack israel but will also have oral lies. iran will be one of those. the bible describes that there is going to be so much bloodshed that the blood will rise as high as the horse's bridal. many people believe that there is a retcher that jesus will appear in the clouds and christians from all over the world will be taken up into the heavens and then there will be a 7 year period called the tribl layings period -- tribulation p. after that 7 years jesus will come back and stand upon the mount of olives and after that the thousand year reign of christ on the earth. >> lamb says daystar will be there to capture the second coming. >> we have a live 24-hour camera feed that any time day or night people can go on our web site when the end comes daystar will be there. >> some people will say we are going to have it on this date and this is how it's going to
7:29 pm
happen. >> you make an unscholarly yet most welcome prediction about who will win the battle of good and evil. >> i do believe that good is going to win that's not just because i am hopeful, but because history has shown this. >> no one really knows if or even how the end will come, while doomsday believers have made a cottage industry out of scaring people with apocalyptic predictions some say behind the calculations. will you somebody entreprenesur hear what is kibehind all of th doom and gloom. that's next. with verizon.
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>> israel successful tlising the nuclear defense system. the iron dome missile shield shot down hundreds from gaza. they unveiled the sling which shot down it's rocket. they were supposed to stop mid range 180 miles and is the next stage in what israel calls the multi layer missile defense. andrew cuomo helping super storm sandy and others. $20 million federal grant to hire unemployed people to help with cleanup efforts following the storm. they are expected to put 5,000 new yorkers to work. they are partnering with fema to put out of state fema workers
7:33 pm
with new yorkers. now back to count down to doomsday. >> december 21st, 2012, is the winter solstice or what some people call doomsday. 6 months before that day was a summer solstice. thousands of yoga lovers were celebrating at the crossroads of the world in new york city's times square. these people's state of mind was a as ffar stretch from doomsday. here's a look at why predictions of destruction are simply missed. >> oo there is nothing in the myian calendar to suggest gigantic floods are going to destroy our world. >> there are no prophecies that say the world is going to end. >> i think what we are dealing with to some extent is the
7:34 pm
denial of our own deaths. it is the focus to the maya count down to doomsday. worn, damaged incomplete it has the end date to the calendar suggested that something will happen. there is no evidence they are counting down to doomsday. >> it was not born out by what we know about the maya. they look at cycles that go way beyond the 2012 dates. >> we were involved this past summer in the discovery of maya descriptions in guatemala which show computations of numbers longer than the long count cycles, though. there is a number that projects into the future 1,000 days from today. >> they have not halted speculation about the end of the maya calendar. >> i think stories like this get started because we see the
7:35 pm
ancient scripts are ambiguous and there is wiggle room and somebody has an idea and says i can make money filling in the dots. >> why not look at the evidence of what the maya say. all 500 some carved monuments are really about die nas tick history. they a what we can read cycles return an old sickle begins a new cycle. >> as a physicist i have one word for people who are concerned about doomsday. relax. >> hitch chi says the scenarios are often based on scientific fact fkt>> when people hear about pole reversal they think the poles are going to flip just like this. but not all of the facts. at worst the wandering of the magnetic north poll. it takes thousands of years to millions of years for that
7:36 pm
wandering to take place. >> some say the government are hiding the truth. >> i love the secrets involved here. hidden planet that the government never tells us about that is the conspiracy theory. >> there will be a rare celestial event one that could be predinthed by the maya as tron mers. >> if you look at it jupiter is here and saturn is here and the earth is here. there is a laneup. >> it does not mean doom. >> they have tides on the earth to try to pull the earth apart. >> what is the next highest raising force turns out to be the planet venus. you know how much of a tied planet venus produces? >> the people taking the my i can't think c -- mayan's calendr
7:37 pm
serious are people vulnerable tobacco opted by a story bigger than them. >> 38 members thought a ufo would rescue them from doomsday. their ticket to the ship, suicide. thoughts of doomsday may be comforting but not in a healthy way. >> it is much easier to live with a fear against the end of the world that will take everybody off the planet than to say what am i anxious about? what are the roots of my fears. there's no astroid coming but what are our ends of time, cancer, cardiac disease, diabetes, car accidents. we hang by threads. bottom line is the denial of death fuels a lot of myth. >> well, i take a controversial view and mainstream hissians would not agree with me. >> while not predicting doom he
7:38 pm
sides with those who predict a change for our civilization. >> i see in the mayan calendar somehow mysteriously i don't know how they did it but they seem to have connected and plugged into cycles in the human story. the mayan calendar is not saying the end of the world. it is saying the end of a chapter of the human story. we can see the birth of a new consciousness taking place all around the world today. >> now that we know the maya never had a count down to doomsday, graham hancock and others still believe there's a count down to the end of the world as we know it. a nunique group of people who ae seriously worried about surviving catastrophic events. we counted down by celebrating the summer solstice like the one here at stonehedge. thousands gathered to celebrate and we were there. the mystery behind this
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>>. >> bill: our team has covered the countdown to doomsday in mexico, in israel and here in new york. but one of oldest strucs >> one of the oldest struck sturs outside of london england from mexico to the english country side the solstice celebration at stoej hedge was the most revealing to all of us. amy kellogg uncovers that. >> the times change but the sky remains the same. the last of the stone age era lives on earth approximately 5,500 to 2,500 bc that's thousands of years before the maya came on the scene. they held sacred rituals to
7:43 pm
honor the sun on the summer solstice the longest day of the year. >> fast forward to present day stonehedge. suler stole cities 2012. >> the longest day we will party and play. >> pagans and all around revelers look like they are preparing for the end of the world? >> basically we believe that the mayans start a new calendar. we don't believe it's the end of the world as far as pagans are concerned. >> no doomsday. >> because of the mystery surrounding it, it's spirituality and alignment with the sun on the days of the summer and winter solstice it is an enduring gathering point.
7:44 pm
>> it is many things to many different people. >> head of stonehedge explains why this place is so special. >> some people see it as an@knock can@ -- astronomical calendar. to others it's a ser moan no or place where ancestors were buried. >> nobody knows for certainty how or why it was built. it was a mystery. >> the problem with cultures certainly the olympic cultures they didn't leave us any written records. >> it is a prehistoric cultures. you have to look at the alignments and so on. >> there are several celestial bodies. it attracts the biggest crowd today as magic endures. >> what happens at sunrise with the stone and the alignment?
7:45 pm
>> what people try to do while they have a limit to the number of people inside is to observe the sun rising over the hills saying she is all of the way down at the end of the circle. >> pictures we get from excavations we have made studying the tools and looking at the farming methods is that these people were rather sophisticated. >> archeologists believe stoej hedges were built before 2000 bc. >> they were not placed on tonner radically. the engineering have qualities that are quite remarkable. >> the picture of the sham bellings, nevilling, floberring group of the individuals like
7:46 pm
kate is plenty wrong. the brain was the same side as it is today. it is part of a structure of the structures not just through out the u.k. but all over the world. >> those with architecture in core vat. in southeast asia or the maya temples for stoej hedge. >> that's usually the ruler makes that statement. >> is it unusual they align with the sun and other celestial bodies. >> i think people look for truth in the city because it is the post rack rat than the weather. when they put aer knees. it's a hard time to start thinking of the calendar. >> the comments being called with ancient society all of them
7:47 pm
kiss covering the candle. >> i love the celestian assignments. mark the planting and harvesting season. the builders other had reason of their incredible effort. >> we do knees some. ancient cultures saw the funness of god. there's no question about it. if i were the head chief i would have seen to it because i could have stand there with my setter and point to it. you see our god? i see god who gave prize to me. i eliminated the sun on this summer solstice. god is communicating with us mortals through the sun. >> stonehedge is one of the more mysterious places you will ever
7:48 pm
find in the world. you will seat fascinating people surviving -- find out if they know something we won't. prepping for kooms day, tomorrow on. questions?
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>>. >> bill: remr the >> remember the cuban missile crisis y2k, 9-11 the katrina? those are events that felt like the end of the world was coming. in these uncertain times people are worried about other kinds of doomsday and they plan on surviving. it looshks like another cyb attack on the united states banks. >> recent cyber attacks on large u.s. financial institutions
7:52 pm
could have doomsday style consequences. that has our government concerned. >> attackers could also seek to disable or de frayed critical military systems and communication networks. the collective result of these kinds of attacks could be a cyber pearl harbor. we have an insane regime run by people who psychotic who may act on their same thoughts. with that we could have a nuclear poll cost. they have a variety of people they are concerned about everything from tsunami, earthquakes, huk layer blast. a reality program on the national go traffic channel at 9:00 p.m.
7:53 pm
there are three touchdowns in terms of events that happen. the first touchdown is 9-11. the third is destruction of american cities which is destruction from katrina third one is financial collapse. most households, many people should return them to the right deck anythings. stop filing food and medicine and when aat traffic event. mayan calendar has no investment in reality. >> every preparation the preppers on the show think about are also being thought of as a governmental or worldwide level. and the c bank is one of them. >> 3w4r50e6ing that radioacti - believing radioactive fallout will contaminate food a store of
7:54 pm
fruit and vegetable that grows a radiation free field. >> they may look at my supplies and say, are you kidding me? but if something happens, i win this game. people that aren't prepared, they lose this game. >> on a much larger scale with stand an earthquake and nuclear strike the global seed ball located in norway about 800 miles from the north poll stores about 7 -- 750,000 crop varieties. >> the seed bank is valid. why not have an insurance policy just in case. however the bad side is it could take off. people could say oh my god why are they doing this they are doing this because of something we don't know perhaps there is a doomsday coming. >> but the doomsday concept is not entirely new. in the 1950s they had a fallout
7:55 pm
shelter built in west virginia for the entire u.s. congress. >> we had those extraordinarily wealthy. >> we had nashville tennessee prepping for a nuclear war with russia for the last 35 years but he's concerned his elaborate bunker may not be deep enough under ground to shield him from gamut radiation after a blast. to ensure his safety he purchased a salvaged fuel tank to serve as a gamma ray shelter. >> ain't that pretty. >> y2k was for many a turning point. >> just before the millennium celebration there was concern about our technology crashing. >> the y2k fiasco had a silver lining to it because of the fact that so many people were concerned about the switching of
7:56 pm
the calendar and the fact that there could be computer glitches the top programmers were assigned to ferret out all of the glitches. >> a disabled truck driver. >> i am preparing for an electro magnetic pulse that will disable the transportation system of the united states. >> of all of the doomsday scenarios there is one kind of incident we have to be careful about. that is a die began tick solar storm when the sun has a temper tantrum. >> it would be like somebody instantly flipped a switch on the world. this is where one of the events would come from. this is live right now. the last few days it is putting out a lot of flares but we are getting electrical interference. if one pops out that is when things go bad. >> in 1859 an emt in solar flair hit the united states. nicknamed the carrington event
7:57 pm
it caused an almost worldwide failure of the system. >> if it were to hap fen today it would throw us back maybe 100 years into the past before the coming of the space age and electricity and the internet. but it is not doomsday. even another event will not destroy life on earth but it could send us back 100 years into the past. >> while some of you may continue to prepare for survival there will not be a doomsday december 21st. we hope you have a great first day of the rest of your lives on december 22nd, 2012. lease continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release.
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